Meet the two who make us today!

Two talented Freelancers. Humble yet efficient. That’s who we are. Inspired by the motif of “Batik Kawung” of Java as well as ancient motif Greek Mosaic. We are proud of our origin!

ANTARA is a short for Adni and Nas. While “Tara” in Indonesian carries a significant meaning of equality.

Combined, Antara carries another beautiful meaning which is translated from Malay Indonesian as “in connection with“.
Et voila! That’s our motto.

We. You. Connected.

Freelance Brand & Web Consultants

Hi, I'm Adni. Apa kabar?

Currently residing in Cyprus, I hail from Malaysia with Indonesian origin. I have been in completely different industries for many years prior to freelancing such as being a Cabin Crew Manager for Etihad Airways, a 5 Star airline in Abu Dhabi.

Branding has always been my passion as well as aviation. Growing up, I used to make scrape books; collecting all the airline logos from my dad’s magazine- Reader’s Digest and fascinated on how logo transcends its visual language to us on daily basis.

Graduated in Bachelor of Multimedia Arts, majoring in Graphic Design and Advertising from Multimedia University in Malaysia, I have begun my design journey ever since, even at the time I was flying up in the sky.

Talk to me about your exciting ideas and it will be my pleasure to translate it into stunning visuals for your own precious brand. And then we can talk about other stuff!

PS: No, I don’t speak or write Greek just yet. But rest assured, English, Malay and Indonesian are my forte!

Freelance Brand & Web Consultants

Hello, I'm Nas. Τι κάνεις;

Also residing in Cyprus, I’m a British born half Mauritian half Cypriot. I’m an LL.B Law graduate and have spent most of my career working in solicitors and legal service providers both in the UK and in Cyprus. During that time I worked in a variety of blended roles that included paralegal, legal administration, IT support & training and website and social media management.

I love building beautiful functioning websites and get excited with changes made and additions to the available products available for each website building software. I am a bit of a statistics geek and love to trawl through Google Analytics finding clues and patterns that software does not pick up but the human brain does. 

Talk to me about your website (internet or intranet) ideas and we can help bring your online presence to life, front and centre.

I speak English and Greek. Looking forward to hearing from you.